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Welcome to
T H E   N E T W O R K   F O R   I N S E C T   C O L L E C T O R S

The purpose of this site is to provide a meeting place for entomologists, insect collectors, insect hobbyists and craftspeople, traders, and dealers. All invertebrate ethusiasts welcome. This is a free site - no membership fees. Costs are covered by our advertisers and tips from users. Here's a summary of what you will find here:

The Insect Classifieds
First and foremost we are offering free, automated, electronic classified ads for insect specimen traders. Use your e-mail, fax, address, phone number, web site URL - or all of the above - as a means to contact your fellow traders. Users who want to place ads will get their own Classifieds user account (accounts are not required to view or reply to ads). Click on My Profile in the menu to see the link to register for an account. With a Classifieds user account you will have one password to edit all your of ads, plus you will be able to retrieve a forgotten username or password by e-mail. As a registered user you will be able to save a personal Checklist of ads you want to read later. The word limit for ads 500 - plenty of space to post long price lists. You can upload up to three photos with your ad using the Multimedia function. Max image size: 350x350 pixels in size. The Insect Classifieds has categories and subcategories (such as Livestock and Deadstock), making your searching very easy. You can also use the Search engine to query the ads for specific character strings. Since this is a FREE board, please respect others and limit your ads to 10 per day, maximum 50 current ads. This is so that everyone will have a chance for their ads to be seen in the first few pages of the browse mode. All ads must be approved by the administrator before they appear, so be patient with me - and have fun!

The Insect Mall
Insect-related online shopping and services. Powered by Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, and Yahoo! Answers - consolidated on one page. This is a fun place to browse around for interesting items and online videos.

Entomology Auctions
Our auction page may be the only full-featured, English language entomology auction site on the Web. The categories are custom designed for us insect traders so your auction listings won't get buried among unrelated trinkets like they would on eBay. Also, we allow the auctioning of insect livestock where eBay does not. And best of all, Entomology Auctions is totally free: there is no charge to register, browse, sell, or bid.

Discussion Forum
The Forum section is a bulletin board for participants to post topics for discussion related to entomology or insect trading. You must register and get a password to post or reply to messages. As a registered user of the Forum you get your own private mailbox. You can upload an image with your messages. A search engine aids in researching topics.

Suppliers & Traders Directory
The Suppliers & Traders Directory is an alphabetical listing of entomology suppliers, specimen traders, private collectors, craftspeople and artists from around the world who particpate on Contact information and web site links provided.

Link Library
The links section contains articles and links of interest to insect collectors and hobbyists.

Various downloadable files that are of interest to insect collectors, such as species label templates, etc.

Online streaming videos of interest to insect collectors. High speed connection recommended. Adobe Flash Player required.

Photo Albums
A variety of photos of interest to insect and invertebrate collectors. Photos are grouped into albums with thumbnails.

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At the top left of the home page you will see links to jump directly to the most popular areas of, plus handy links to weather reports, moon phases calendars, and worldwide sunrise/sunset times, and much more.

Site Search Engine
Be sure to try our powerful Site Search Engine in the upper right corner of many of our pages. It is powered by Google and can instantly find just about anything you are looking for on It works great!

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