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Billboard Space

A Billboard space is an exclusive single fixed space on the home page of InsectNet.com to display your banner. Visitors who click on your banner are taken directly to your web site. Billboard space gets high visibility and excellent click-thru results.

A special Advertiser account is available to all Billboard advertisers. With this account you can log in to a web page a track all your banner statistics (views, clicks, click-thru rate, visitor list, and more.) These statistics will help you analyze your banner performance and thus help you optimize your advertising strategies.

  • Banner size: must be exactly 468 x 60 pixels
  • Maximum banner file size: 50 KB
  • Banner file formats: GIF, JPG, SWF

All banner advertisers must list their home office address and phone number on their contact page.

Billboard Rates:
We offer three ad durations: 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The longer the duration, the lower your rate:

Subscription Period Total Cost Multiplier
3 Months 140.00
6 Months 240.00
12 Months 420.00

The sequential position in the list of Billboard spaces is first come, first serve, that is, new clients will go to the end of the list and then move up as the other spaces expire. All Billboard spaces must be prepaid in full in order to secure position in the list.

Please write us to : contact.insectnet@gmail.com to place an order. We will give you ordering and payment instructions.
(We accept PayPal and bank transfer. Credit cards payments are available through PayPal.)



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