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Current Time: Wed Oct 01, 06:21 PM PST
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Status Item #Bids High Bid Closes
Eumorpha pandorus from Washington DC0$2.005 Days 4 Hrs
Muschampia proto from Spain0$1.005 Days 1 Hrs
2X Thymelicus sylvetris from Spain0$1.005 Days 1 Hrs
Catocala promissa from Spain0$1.005 Days 1 Hrs
Paratrea plebeja from Washington DC0$1.005 Days 4 Hrs
Arctiidae, Female of Spilosoma virginica from SD0$1.005 Days 1 Hrs
3 X Darapsa myron 0$2.005 Days 4 Hrs
Hyles lineata from Florida0$2.005 Days 4 Hrs
2 x Antherea polyphemus 0$1.005 Days 4 Hrs
2 females of Anaitis plagiata0$1.005 Days 4 Hrs
2x Hilephila sp. from Chile0$1.005 Days 4 Hrs
Catocala mormonia from Spain0$1.005 Days 1 Hrs
Automeris io pamena, female, from Texas0$3.005 Days 4 Hrs
Erinnys ello from Argentina0$2.005 Days 4 Hrs
2 x Amphion floridensis 0$1.005 Days 4 Hrs
3x Ancyloxypha numitor from Maryland0$1.005 Days 2 Hrs
2X Eacles imperialis from Maryland0$1.005 Days 4 Hrs
Netocia ungarica auliensis (S Kazakhstan)0$10.0010 Days 15 Hrs
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