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Insect Links

Here you will find a list of useful links for insect collectors and entomologists.
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Top 100 Insect Auctions

Articles about the insect trade

Collecting & Preserving Techniques

  • Catching and Preserving Dragonflies
    Finally, mysteries explained! From the Odonata Information Network. This site now uses frames so I can't make a link that goes directly to this article without excluding the site's menu. You will have to go to home page and then select 'Collecting/Preserving' in the menu on the left side.
  • Lepidoptera Spreading Techniques
    An excellent instructional photo essay on spreading butterflies and moths, by Vernon Evans of the Utah Lepidoptera Society. PDF format. Acrobat Reader required.
  • Moth Collecting and Curation Techniques. Compiled by Bruce Walsh, at the Department of Ecology and Evolution Biology and the Center for Insect Science of the University of Arizona.

Online Entomological Databases

    A new website about the wonderful Agrias butterflies.
  • African Moths
  • The aim of this site is to encourage the identification and recording of moths throughout the African continent.
  • Blattodea Species File
    An online catalogue of world cockroaches.
    Identification, Images, & Information for Insects, Spiders & Their Kin or the United States & Canada.
  • European Lepidoptera
    Identification, images, & information for Ero Leps.
  • Butterflies of Japan
    Excellent photograpy. With music.
  • Butterflies of North America
    A unique online encyclopedia of North American butterflies, with maps and pictures. Categorized by State, family, genus, species. If you don't have a book on butterflies, this may suffice! Hosted and maintained by the Big Sky Institute at Montana State University and the NBII Mountain Prairie Information Node
  • Butterflies of Southeast Arizona & Butterflies of Northern Mexico
    Photo database.
  • California Butterflies and their native food plants
    University of California, Irvine. Photo database.
  • Cerambycidae de Guyane Française
    Bienvenue sur mon site des Cerambycidae de Guyane Française. Vous trouverez dans les pages qui suivent les photos de ma collection. Plus de cinq cents taxa y sont classés par tribus, genres et espèces. Les techniques et les périodes de captures sont également précisées. Au fil des pages, vous pourrez découvrir mes liens favoris, les photos des moyens utilisés en chasse ainsi que bien d'autres choses encore.
  • Delias butterflies
    The famous website about Delias butterflies, rare Pieridae of Asia and Oceania.
  • Dermestidae of the World
    Classiciation, photos, links, references and more.
  • Entomofauna~Guyane
    Bienvenue dans le site consacré aux insectes de Guyane.
  • E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum
    "The E. H. Strickland Entomological Museum houses approximately one million specimens. The research collection included principally Nearctic insects, representing most orders and the major families thereof. The beetle family Carabidae is especially well represented: included are about 400,000 specimens mainly from the Nearctic region, but with an important Neotropical component, and fewer taxa from the remaining biogeographic regions. The moths and butterflies, order Lepidoptera, approximately 30,000 specimens mainly from Alberta localities, are another group of major interest. The E.H. Strickland Museum collections are in the process of being imaged and databased, and are available at the Virtual Museum."
  • Living With Bugs
    Accurate, up-to-date and unbiased information for solving common insect and mite problems around your home, business and landscape using least-toxic methods.
  • North American Moth Photographers Group
    Digital Guide to Moth Identification
  • Odonata Central
    Here you can find a checklist of Odonata for every state in the U.S. (soon with maps), county level database for the South-central U.S. that includes dot maps and pictures (still uploading). From John C. Abbott, Ph.D., Section of Integrative Biology, University of Texas in Austin.
  • Odonata Information Network
    More resources on dragonflies and damselflies.
  • Papilionidae of the World
    Obviously a labor of love.
  • Parides Genus
    Uniquement néotropical, la plupart des espèces de Parides sont ombrophiles. Leur nombre diffère en fonction des publications des différents auteurs allant de 34 à 36 espèces.
  • Saturniidae of the Western Palaearctic
    by A.R. Pittaway
  • Saturniidae World
    Photo database of worldwide Saturnid moths. German language.
  • Sphingidae of the Western Palaearctic
    by A.R. Pittaway

Theme web sites

  • Actias
    "The main goal of ACTIAS is to form an independent international meeting point about entomology, the place to discuss and trade insects and spiders."
  • Allpet Roaches (Blattodea)
    "This site is dedicated to the roach enthusiast and the aspiration of the author is to provide info and photos on all the roach species available in the hobby." (Slow loading - be patient.)
  • Amateur Entomologist - Butterly and Moth
    All kinds of insect lore on this site plus some very interesting animated graphics!
  • The Antlion Pit
    Here is one of the very few web sites with information on antlions.
  • The Beetle Experience - American Beetles
    Here is an interesting site for the beetle hobbyist. Very high quality, artistic photos plus a page of recorded beetle sounds in the form of downloadable .RAM audio files. These sounds are quite scary if you have the volume turned up. Also, an excellent links page that links you to all the classifieds ads and discussion forums on the Internet that include Coleoptera.
  • Beetles on Stamps
    French language site for stamp collectors.
  • Butterfly Conservation
    'Saving butterflies, moths, and their habitat'. A very well done web site based in the UK.
  • The Butterflies of Georgia (USA)
    Excellent photographs, reference links, glossary, and a dash of philosophy.
    A wealth of information about beetles.
  • Everything About Ladybugs!
    Your comprehensive resource for ladybug facts, crafts, products &: fun!
  • Enviromental Science's mission is to be the most reliable and expansive advocate for environmental science education and careers.
  • Garthe's Insect Gradebook
    About condition grading of insect specimens and the use of cedar oil as a dermestid repellent.
    The home page of Guy Tansley. This web site gives an all-round guide to the housing, feeding and general care of the worlds largest spiders - the theraphosids or tarantulas. Although focusing mainly on tarantulas, this site also offers an insight into the araneomorphs or 'true spiders' such as the giant wolf spider. (Member of the British Tarantula Society)
    Tomas Libich of Czech Republic offers extensive and excellent photography on his beetle breeding web site. In four languages: Czech, English, Japanase, and Chinese. Includes guestbook and links page.
  • The Goliathus Web Site
    Here is the best site I have ever seen on these beetles. Includes excellent photos, maps, and a comprehensive breeding manual: "These pages are devoted to the largest and heaviest of living beetles, the genus Goliathus of tropical Africa. There are five species in the genus: Goliathus goliatus, G. regius, G. cacicus, G. orientalis, and G. albosignatus. Additionally, there exists the rare regius X cacicus hybrid, known as G. atlas."
  • Heliconius Genera Web Site
    Dedicated to the Longwing butterflies of the Neotropics.
  • Heteroptera, un site pour les punaises (A site about true bugs)
    The objective of this site is to build an illustrated catalog of the World Tessaratomidae. It will take some time, as the author as not seen all species in this family, not yet photographied all the bugs he has seen, and more is not sure, for half of them, of the species they belong to. It will evolve with the knowledge of the author, so any contribution is welcomed (bugs, pictures, identification).
  • Hornetboy's Home Page
    A specialist in social wasps (hornets, yellowjackets, and paper wasps) shares his experiences, tips, and photos. Many interesting facts, even first aid instructions for stings. Plus a discussion forum.
  • The Jewel Beetles Web Site
    Excellent links page! Awesome snail mail contacts for worldwide entomologists and suppliers.
  • Keeping Exotic Pets 
    Excellent care sheets on many, many creatures from insects to reptiles to Arachnids.
  • Keith Edkins' Cambridge UK Insects
    A collection of insect photographs taken in my garden in Cambridge, England: many of them close-up views of small insects.
  • Massachusetts Cicadas
    Dedicated to the Study of the Cicadas of Massachusetts and New England.
  • Musea Mariposas del Mundo
    The web site of a butterfly museum in San Miguel, Argentina. The collections are composed of over 70,000 specimens. Includes a Friends Association, ecology discussion, and Events Calendar. English/Spanish.
  • Online Phd Programs
    A blog highlighting 100 amazing research professors. Professors are listed from all parts of the academic world; from the sciences and the humanities.
  • Paraguay Biodiversität
    New web site about biodiversity in Paraguay. Complete lists of Saturniidae and Sphingidae recorded for Paraguay and many other insects.
    For growers of crops that need pollination: your portal to pollination information and images.
  • Raising Butterflies
    Pretty darn good web site.
  • Saturniidae Web Site
    German and Swiss amateur entomologists exclusively dealing with the worldwide species of the families of Saturniidae.
  • Thailand's Amazing Insects
    Photographed in the forests around Chiang Mai.
  • The World of Stick Insects
    The world’s largest website on Phasmatodea (stick insects). Bilingual, in English and German. Containing thousands of photos, a forum, literature, articles for scientists and amateurs.

Entomological Societies & Organizations

  • Association of Tropical Lepidoptera
    The Association for Tropical Lepidoptera is a non-profit scientific society and educational membership organization, founded in 1989 to promote the study and conservation of Lepidoptera worldwide, especially in the tropical regions of the world. ATL currently publishes the full-color biannual scientific journal: Tropical Lepidoptera Research.
  • Bug People - Exploring California Insects
    Oakland's future scientists generate a study of California's insect fauna. is a web-based entomology outreach program in the San Francisco Bay Area (especially Oakland). We are publishing web-based field guides to various parts of Northern California - but especially the San Francisco Bay Area. Identification services, photo bank, slide show, virtual insect collection, and much more.
  • The Bugwood Network
    Forest Pests of North America. Photo CD. Controlling Nantucket Pine Tip Moth Infestations in the Southeastern U.S. Georgia Drought Information. Top 50 Insects Important to Agriculture in Georgia. Public Health Entomology.
  • The Coleopterists Society
    An international society devoted to the study of beetles.
  • Entomological Livestock Group (U.K.)
    The E.L.G. was started back in 1978, the idea of a handful of English Butterfly & Insect breeders. Since then membership has risen, reaching around 300 in 1990 and today (Oct, 2000), standing at over 600 members worldwide. The ELG is a contact group for Butterfly and Insect breeders and we publish a news-letter every 2 weeks. The Newsletter is currently sent out by first-class mail to U.K. members and Airmail to all overseas members. E-Mail delivery is also available.
  • Entomological Society of America
    " the largest organization in the world serving the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and people in related disciplines. Founded in 1889, ESA today has more than 6,000 members. This number includes educators, extension personnel, consultants, students, researchers, and scientists from agricultural departments, health agencies, private industries, colleges and universities, and state and federal governments."
  • Utah Lepidopterists' Society
    A non-profit educational and scientific organization dedicated to the study and enjoyment of all aspects of Lepidoptera, especially of Utah.
  • The Lepidopterists' Society
    Butterflies and moths are the focus of this international organization bringing together professional scientists and amateur enthusiasts to study and enjoy the Lepidoptera.
  • Monarch Watch
    The University of Kansas Entomology Program. Dedicated to education, conservation, and research..
  • Iowa State Links to Entomological Societies
    The Ultimate List!
  • Sociedade Entomológica do Brasil
  • Southern Lepidopterists' Society
    The Southern Lepidopterists' Society was organized in 1978 to promote scientific interest and knowledge related to understanding the butterfly and moth fauna of the southern region of the United States. The society now includes members with a broad array of interests in Lepidoptera, including photography, watching, collecting, etc.

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