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Is it true that the ant is the strongest insect?

Question: Is it true that the ant is the strongest insect?

(Posted by: Yulissa Perez on 2011-12-03 20:24:48)


Posted by: That's_Inappropriate on 2011-12-03, 20:27:43

Yes they are the strongest insect in the world


Posted by: Pallav on 2011-12-03, 20:36:02

I don't think it is the ant. The Rhinoceros Beetle is the strongest insect, lifting well over 800 times its own weight. Please answer my question question/ index;_ylt= AoFAr7BgZ0mdqlwruSgy_vDsy6IX;_ylv= 3?qid= 20111203082747AAVzHJ8


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