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Tiny white bugs/insects found in cupboards?

Question: Tiny white bugs/insects found in cupboards?

(Posted by: ME on 2011-12-04 06:42:38)

Recently I have found tiny white insects in cupboards in my room. They are very small, look almost like dust. The only reason I found them was because I have a black speaker on a shelf, and I saw a few crawling on it. Then I looked closer at the shelf and I saw many more. I don't know what they are or how they go there. Any ideas on what they could be or how to get rid of them? Thanks.


Posted by: Singlepole on 2011-12-04, 07:07:37

Probably Weevils. Methods of Control Sanitation is the best method of control and prevention at present. Removal of all cereal refuse does away with possible breeding places for the insects. Therefore, controlling insect pests in stored cereal products should include the following steps: Discard all infested foodstuffs and place all newly purchased flour, sugar, breakfast food and similar products in canister-type containers. Thoroughly clean the cupboard and storage bins of all refuse material. Be sure to clean out the cracks along the shelves and top of the cupboard. Scrub out these areas with soap and water, adding a little household disinfectant. Purchase foods in quantities small enough so they may be used up rapidly. Keep all food storage space clean at all times. Spray the shelves or other infested areas lightly, particularly cracks where shelves and cupboards come together. Suggested insecticides include resmethrin, sumithrin, tetramethrin, permethrin and pyrethins. Caution: All foodstuffs and cooking utensils should be removed before spraying. All sprayed surfaces should be allowed to dry thoroughly before packaged foods or utensils are placed back. Small children should not be allowed to come in contact with the insecticide until the sprayed surface has dried completely. When spray dries, cover shelves with clean, fresh paper before replacing packaged food and utensils. Nonchemical control: Either destroy the infested products, or salvage them by heating in an oven at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for one-half hour, or super-cooling by placing in a deep freeze at 0 F for four days.


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