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Is my flat infested with insects? very small, brown insects that fly. help?

Question: Is my flat infested with insects? very small, brown insects that fly. help?

(Posted by: Miss Phalange on 2011-12-04 12:40:38)

I think infested might be a little dramatic but I see one or two of them almost every single day. They are harmless, they are easy to kill and do not seem too phased by people (don't know I that's relevant) because you can easily kill them with a tissue. They are brown, small and can fly. What should I do? I have a fly and wasp killer spray combined together and started of by spraying my room and closing the door. I sprayed a lot. 1) Will this kill them? or is the spray only for flies and wasps? 2) Would you classify seeing one or two of them almost every single day an infestation? 3) Do I need to get pest control? 4) If not, what are my other options? 5) What bug could they be? If it helps, I live near central London. I know this is a long question but thank you for taking the time out to read this.


Posted by: Rat Catcher on 2011-12-04, 20:37:17

Miss Phalange; 1. Most probably.the individuals you see and spray. 2. No. 3. Only if ye have money to burn. 4. See '5'. 5. There's really no telling, from the information available. But, you're handy for the Natural History Museum. I'm sure what ever they might charge for an Identification Service will be money better spent than calling in a Pest Controller ~ and I speak as a Pest Controller! Be prepared to capture one of these things in a small receptacle and get it to them for identification and, no doubt, a few words of advice. Just knowing what ye dealing with though will open Google up to ye ..... Start here: research-curation/ departments/ entomology/ about-us/ index.html Good luck. And don't have nightmares ;-)


Posted by: dinger b on 2011-12-04, 13:37:25

We get them too but only in the compost bin. Every time I open the lid to chuck a tea bag in loads of them fly out! I think they may like exposed food stuffs, does that sound like anything you have? Maybe the best thing is to remove whatever it is they are after. All our compost now goes straight outside and I haven't seen one in ages.


Posted by: laf04 on 2011-12-04, 14:25:49

I live in the US, but I've seen similar types of bugs that seem to be to attracted to certain spices. They go into coriander seeds and I've seen them in some bags of Indian masala I have. My friend looked at them and said he thought they might be grain bugs and to check my rice and flour and all, but so far I've only seen them in these certain spices, so you might want to give your kitchen a check and see. Might be a completely different insect though... I can't tell with no picture.


Posted by: Stuart on 2011-12-04, 17:12:10

Sounds like woodworm (furniture beetle) to me ! Check all your old furniture, especially the plywood backs for small holes. If the infestation is bad (i.e. lots of holes)there will be a lot of fine sawdust on the floor below, and the best bet is to remove the item, and either replace the back or ideally burn the whole lot. A small area can be treated with woodworm fluid but you will have to remain vigilant. Even if you only see a couple of the little horrors on the windowsills each day there could still be a major problem.


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