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Could i get my rent reduced due to an insect infestation?

Question: Could i get my rent reduced due to an insect infestation?

(Posted by: on 2011-12-09 00:37:00)

The entire apartment except for the kitchen laundry room and bathrooms are carpeted.. in one of the bedrooms there is a sliding glass door that leads to the balcony if you lift the carpet up there is an entire ant colony underneath the carpeted padding I've had the apartment sprayed by the pest control supplied by the complex twice now I've even used boric acid and nothing is getting rid of them and I don't think I should be paying for this


Posted by: ms P on 2011-12-09, 00:47:23

You can ask the landlord but I doubt they would reduce rent. I would discuss this problem with my landlord and they might do something else about ridding the pests. If not it may be a way to get out of your rental agreement. I don't know about you personally but I saw on court TV someones lease did have that clause in it stating it didn't give you the right to break contract. Google about ants and perhaps there is a way to rid them cheaply yourself.Perhaps putting a seal at the bottom of the sliding glass door where they enter.


Posted by: Hollywood's Adriot on 2011-12-09, 00:39:01

Better then that. Here in CA you don't have to pay a dime. Google "renters rights " in your state


Posted by: Laura H on 2011-12-09, 00:42:41

Sorry i dont have an answer but i wanted to say good question! we've been infested with bed bugs for over a year. the whole building im in is infested...we've already thrown out our bed, couch and sofa...replaced them and they are already garbage again. id rather have your ant problem lol


Posted by: jean ann j on 2011-12-09, 10:52:39

Some ant bait will get rid of the ants. If the ants like sugar, liquid Terro is good. If the ants do not like sugar, Combat is good. The ants will eat it and take it to the nest to the other ants. In 2-3 days the ants will be dead. No, apartments will not lower the rent. I lived in apartments in the past.


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