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Why doesn't our insect zapper work?

Question: Why doesn't our insect zapper work?

(Posted by: zee_prime on 2011-12-24 15:48:55)

We bought an insect snuffer like those you see in butchers' shops. It consists of a UV lamp surrounded by high voltage wire. The UV light is supposed to attract insects and the high voltage is supposed to electrocute them. Only trouble is, it hasn't killed any insects. What's wrong with it? What's the most effective way of snuffing insects in your opinion? You used to see fly papers and Shell pest strips in the shops and they seemed quite effective. Now you don't see them. Why not? Dustclou... asks what sort of insects we're dealing with at this time of year (Christmas). This is New Zealand's summer. We're dealing with mostly blowflies and mozzies.


Posted by: Lar on 2011-12-24, 21:10:51

Those two are not all that attracted to light will never control mosquitoes with the UV and you may need to apply a fly bait for the blow flies to be attracted to the trap


Posted by: dustcloud on 2011-12-24, 15:57:49

What insects are you dealing with this time of year. I live in Oklahoma and have seen very few. Anyway, not may flies are attracted to this kind of device. I use fly traps that I make. Take 2 Two liter bottles. Cut the bottom out of one and the top out of the other. (Look for the seams on the bottle and use them as guides) Use aquarium cement to cement the top into space that was cut out the bottom so that the opening of the bottom part is inside the bottle. Make sure that you leave the lid off this part Use 3 erasers to make feet for your trap and glue them equidistant from each other on the bottom ridge. (The flies need a way to get in under the trap) After the glue sets, take the lid off the very top and pour a mixture of yeast and fruit juice into the shallow space at the bottom. Set the device where the flies are.


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