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Kill insects and spider eggs on a pine tree?

Question: Kill insects and spider eggs on a pine tree?

(Posted by: on 2012-01-02 11:28:55)

I have a baby pine tree, that I got just a few days ago, and happy spiders have already laid their eggs on it. There are a few strange looking fruit flies around it as well. Obviously I can't use the regular insect/ spider killer sprays. What should I use to save the tree?


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-01-02, 15:57:35

A product called liquid ladybug is very effective at ridding these harmful insects. It will not harm the tree,and can be used indoors.


Posted by: Candid Chris on 2012-01-02, 11:52:36

Spray the soil at the base of the tree with mild diluted dish-washing soap every day for four days, collect the spiders and move them outside, they're the good guys!. It is estimated that yearly spiders kill and devour 1,000 times more insects than man has killed during his entire existence on this planet.


Posted by: Yolando on 2012-01-02, 12:07:32

Use WINDEX it sounds stupid but TRUST ME is works.


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