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Would apartments have less insects/bugs compared to houses?

Question: Would apartments have less insects/bugs compared to houses?

(Posted by: Woo on 2012-01-08 19:08:15)

I remember older apartments have many insects/ bugs however in the past few years I have been to many recently build apartments (last 10 years) and they have many more stories than the older apartments I've been to. I was wondering if the higher up you go the less insects/ bugs you encounter?


Posted by: Lar on 2012-01-09, 09:27:58

I think the key word you stated was older...building are being built "tighter " that help keep outside pests out, though many "inside " pest found around people wouldn't change since it is people who usually spread different inside types of pests (German roaches, bed bugs, beetles and moths found in furniture and foods, etc)


Posted by: makes_us_smile on 2012-01-08, 19:14:20

There are bugs everywhere. There bugs even on an airplane. I'm not saying planes are full of bugs. I'm saying they go where ever humans go. The cling to people and then drop off. So, you'll probably find just as many on the 10th floor as you would on the 5th floor. That is unless they don't like heights.


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-01-08, 20:13:11

Bugs crawl inside the walls and go under the base boards to other apartments and go to the high floors. Everybody would need to put something out at the same time to kill the bugs. Which they do not do. In a house something can be put out for the bugs. And it will kill them.


Posted by: CLOUD 彡☆ on 2012-01-08, 20:13:46

That's actually somewhat true. Not just because it's farther from the ground, but because the bugs would be more attracted to the food and whatnot on the first floor. The higher up you go, the less likely you are to get certain bugs. However, many do come in from the drains and windows believe it or not.


Posted by: Mr Warrior on 2012-01-08, 22:31:06

Where there is food , or humans. Then there is bugs. No matter what height you travel. Whether it be in a 20 storey apartment building, an aeroplane, or a rocket ship. If there is humans and or food. Then there is a bug of some kind.


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