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What is this weird worm type insect living in lint/dust that i've seen?

Question: What is this weird worm type insect living in lint/dust that i've seen?

(Posted by: on 2012-01-12 15:25:39)

I've seen this weird worm- like insect which seems to live in piece of lint/ dust. It's no more than 1cm and its got a clear- White- ish worm that pops out and retracts that has black dot at end. I've seen two or three now in my house over past few months and really wondering what it is. Any ideas?


Posted by: Lar on 2012-01-12, 18:41:30

There is one that is shaped like a pumpkin seed referred to as a plaster bug, it is a type of clothes moth, cobwebs are a food source for them...there are case making moths that carry their material made cocoon about with them, they will be about 1/ 4-1/ 2 inch and skinny and there is a third that is a nymph of a type of assassin bug that crawls about, can't recall the common name for them, will edit the name in later. Nymph of the masked hunter is what I was thinking about, it can look like a walking lint ball at times, but probably wouldn't be described as worm like


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