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Small, clear insects?

Question: Small, clear insects?

(Posted by: notorious37 on 2012-01-15 13:18:10)

Alright, so earlier today I dug up my old cork board from the back of my closet, which hasn't been cleaned in ages. I took some things out, which created holes in the cork, and suddenly as I looked closer I realized that something was... moving. Upon further inspection I realized a lot of things were moving. They were super, super, super tiny clear insects. At least I think they were insects. Except for the fact that they were moving around, I couldn't even see them, and I tried taking a picture but they were too small to show up. So, has anyone had a similar issue? Or does anyone have an idea as to what this might be? Yeah, it was in my bedroom. These were for sure smaller than a millimetre, and totally see- through. They had no color at all if I recall correctly, but I'll definitely check my mattress.


Posted by: Lar on 2012-01-15, 16:01:49

Sounds like either psocids or springtails..easiest way to tell the difference is that springtails can hop when you poke at them...both like humid areas so if on the other side of the wall is bathroom, kitchen or outside, it for sure could be one of these.


Posted by: Elsie Treize on 2012-01-15, 13:27:37

Is this in your bedroom? I was recently answering a question about bedbugs. Newly hatched bedbugs are very small, one millimeter or less, maybe, and light beige in colour. If they are tiny bedbugs, then there are adult bugs close by. Check your mattress - check around the piping , trim, lift up the mattress and check the underside. If you see black specks, that could be bug poop. Adults are the size of apple seeds, and reddish is colour. Hope I'm wrong.


Posted by: Umar on 2012-01-15, 13:47:42

Their possibly bed bugs you might want to do something before they reproduce.


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-01-15, 14:04:14

The tiny bugs are more than likely psocids. Book lice is the name of one of them. They come in from out side from a damp place. They come in diffrent colors.


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