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What insect is this in my house?

Question: What insect is this in my house?

(Posted by: on 2012-01-24 04:45:53)

There is a insect that knocks on wood in my house. today is the second time i saw it. it is small and looks a bit like a bee. it always makes a knocking sound. i get really freaked out, what can this be and why are they coming? ( i live in a mid- rise apartment)


Posted by: Lar on 2012-01-24, 06:08:10

Would need to see a picture of it...there are several that can do it ranging from wood boring beetles to soldier termites...I have heard people describe the sound of Click Beetles as a knocking sound, but they aren't bee looking


Posted by: ѕéяgισ ® on 2012-01-24, 04:47:35

I'dont know her name in english but in my country her name is "Cigarra ".


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