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What does a pregnant stick insect look like?

Question: What does a pregnant stick insect look like?

(Posted by: on 2012-01-25 12:51:57)


Posted by: fmogofas on 2012-01-25, 13:06:36

No different from a nonpregnant one. Actually they start to produce eggs a couple of weeks after reaching maturity. Some species of stick insects have males to fertilize the eggs, but all species will lay eggs without needing the help of a male if there is not one present. A female stick insect will then lay eggs nearly every day for the rest of her life. Read more: Q/ When_do_walking_stick_insects_lay_eggs#ixzz1kVSWYKs2


Posted by: xx claire xx on 2012-01-25, 15:38:21

I like this question. :)


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