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Weird wormy insects on walls?

Question: Weird wormy insects on walls?

(Posted by: on 2012-01-30 19:07:56)

Ok so everynight there is this small black kind of wormy bug on my besroom wall! Its so gross and i always find some! What the heck is this! I clean my room all the time and these keep comming! They are very small and thin. They are ussually black but one time i saw one that was silver. But mostly black anyways im scared they might come on me when im sleeping! :( someone help plus they move really fast


Posted by: Rusty Nail on 2012-01-30, 19:12:03

Sounds like what is known as a silver fish.


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Dupont Advion Insect Granules  Lbs

Dupont Advion Insect Granules Lbs..

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