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What liquid should you preserve frozen insects in?

Question: What liquid should you preserve frozen insects in?

(Posted by: supastr_inc on 2012-02-02 09:05:09)

To be stored at room temperature in glass jars; moths, dragon flies, butterflies. They're already dead and have been frozen.


Posted by: Matt on 2012-02-03, 05:01:29

I think you're thinking of formaldehyde, but I wouldn't use that to preserve moths or butterflies, or insects generally come to that. If you have a look at museums and private collectors collections they keep them in air tight cabinets with some sort of insecticide inside to kill any mites that might want to snack on your specimens. There are some for sale here so you can see what they look like: collections-and-insect-cabinets-(second-hand)/ butterfly-collections-in-cabinets-second-hand Personally I've had a dragonfly that I've kept in a clear plastic box on my desk at work for about 6 months now without any insecticide and it's fine. The key thing is keeping it dry I think, to avoid moulds or fungi taking hold. Good luck!


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