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Tiny insects so small cannot be seen without my spectacles?

Question: Tiny insects so small cannot be seen without my spectacles?

(Posted by: me on 2012-02-03 04:20:14)

Found them on the couch and some bedding. They are NOT bed bugs, they are smaller than a pinhead. They move very quickly, they don't fly. Some are practically colourless, a few are almost brown. Cannot distinguish head or legs. They make my son itch. How do I get rid of them. I have cats so cannot use poison. The cats would kill them but don't because they're almost invisible. I asked this question before but I don't understand why ppl can't understand that I say they're almost INVISIBLE. I'm freaking out. How do I get rid of them???


Posted by: tinman97prn on 2012-02-03, 05:09:00

I would thoroughly vacuum every surface. If you live in a cold area, take the cushion, pillows, etc and leave outside overnight, this will help kill them as well.


Posted by: paulguzie on 2012-02-03, 06:25:34

Could be spider mites. They thrive in dry hot conditions. Most spider mites live outdoors and attack Junipers, Cypress and other plants. They can also live indoors where there are numerous plants. Spider control ask for the indoor type at your local nursery.


Posted by: Sheila on 2012-02-04, 03:39:21

I used to have these in my bathroom cupboard! They seemed to be attracted to hair. I sort of figured out they were a type of paper mite. They came back each summer for three years. Now I have not had them for several years so I've stopped thinking about them. I can only suggest a thorough vacuum and perhaps some eucalyptus oil in an atomiser. Anyway, look up ways to get rid of paper mites. Good luck, they're creepy little things!


Posted by: Matthew on 2012-02-04, 10:53:35

It is variable what insects they are, they could be fleas, they could be lice, they could be mites of some sort. Considering that they're attacking your son they must not have large or particularly long fangs, if they did, they'd be targeting you too... Your son should be fine if you read this article I wrote recently, it'll make him virtually immune to insects of all shapes and sizes.. But about the actual infestation in your house, I'd say contact a vet or someone of that nature, since you mentioned you have cats. Here's the article, good-luck. cooking/ bug-bite-immunity/


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