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How do i keep (all types of) insects from nesting in a security camera enclosure?

Question: How do i keep (all types of) insects from nesting in a security camera enclosure?

(Posted by: on 2012-02-03 06:38:18)

I have two camera enclosures on the side of my house. They are sealed but have air vents. The problem is that they have indicator lights on them that reflect at night b/ c of the glass on the front of the enclosure. I want to remove the glass, but then I have the problem of spiders, bees, wasps, etc from nesting in this relatively warm and dry place. What can I put in the enclosure to deter insects from deciding to make it home. One of my friends suggested moth balls, but I think they evaporate quickly and would need to be replaced. I have tried to turn off the indicator lamps but they won’t shut off. They are up pretty high, so I don’t want to have to climb the ladder to often. A proven method is best b/ c of this as well. Trying different approaches in tough b/ c of the height. Thanks The issue that Daniel G brings up is a good one - I actually did that (forgot to mention) and you jared my memory, it is the IR reflection not the leds - If I leave the camera in the IR mode, I don't get a good image b/ c of the reflection, if I leave it in the daylight mode, it gets too dark to see. (or set it to automatically switch modes (the default). Getting older plays h3ll on your memory. (lol)


Posted by: ? on 2012-02-03, 06:40:40

Have it sprayed with a cislin/ deltamethrin product this will leave a residue that they won't like.


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-02-03, 08:37:25

Wasps and bees eat spiders. Lemon scents repel spiders. Lemon pledge furniture polish repels spiders. Orange scents do too. Has to be real. Garlic is noted to repel wasps and bees.


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-02-03, 10:32:33

Your best bet is to leave the enclosure intact. Boric acid applied inside or on the housing will help the best, but this is a problem that plagues these devices. If the camera uses IR illumination, this makes it worse. flying insects can see,and are attracted to the light.(like a porch light) Spiders are attracted to the abundant food source.(on or near the camera) Wasps will nest in any area that many people place cameras,such as under eves,corners of carports etc. The purpose of camera housings is to protect the camera by mounting it locations that are not prone to harbor insects and spiders. My enclosures are waterproof,so all I do is hose them off when I do routine cleaning. ps; I put black tape over the power led on the camera.


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