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What tiny insect is this?

Question: What tiny insect is this?

(Posted by: cessna151 on 2012-02-08 09:17:59)

I found this tiny insect crawling on the soil of my house plant. It has 6 legs so it is an insect and not an arachnid. The first picture is the MM side of a ruler and the second is the inches side with 1/ 16th tic marks. The third is with a black background to show better contrast. So as you can see it is about 0.8mm long. I have searched online and it does not look like fungus gnats, mealybugs, aphids, white flies, or white scales. The only thing i could find that looks close to this is thrips but i don't think that's what it is either. Location: Missouri, USA Pic 1: https:/ / redir.aspx?cid=9e46d612069d3fa2 &resid=9E46D612069D3FA2!168 &parid=9E46D612069D3FA2!167 Pic 2: https:/ / redir.aspx?cid=9e46d612069d3fa2 &resid=9E46D612069D3FA2!169 &parid=9E46D612069D3FA2!167 Pic 3: https:/ / redir.aspx?cid=9e46d612069d3fa2 &resid=9E46D612069D3FA2!170 &parid=9E46D612069D3FA2!167 After more research i have found the answer. IT IS A SPRINGTAIL.


Posted by: Kallie on 2012-02-08, 14:50:08

You might find some info here


Posted by: Vikki on 2012-02-08, 09:22:06

That's a pretty gross looking bug. How did you even manage to see that?? I have no suggestions to what it could be.


Posted by: Alvin Ray on 2012-02-08, 10:46:53

Naw, it doesn't have that color or shape at all. it's much more ant like. it's been a total of 2 or 3 and they were just chilling near where the wall meets the floor, not too far from the regularly open window. Biting Midge A biting midge, the smallest blood-sucking insect known to man, will grow to approximately 1 mm in length. These insects are so tiny they are often are referred to as "no-see-ums " as they are difficult to see with the naked eye. Biting midges are winged insects similar to mosquitoes. They live around lakes and rivers, and the female midges will attack exposed skin, leaving behind an itchy and uncomfortable bite. Fairy Flies Fairy flies are one of the smallest insects in the world, measuring less than 3 mm in length. These insects are not truly flies, but actually tiny parasites called Mymaridae wasps, which lay their eggs in the inside of other insect's eggs and are born adults. The main characteristic of this insect is its vein-less paddle-shaped wings, which are edged with long fringe like hairs, much like fairy wings. Angel Insect Angel insects, or Zorapterans, are small and delicate, measuring no more than 3 mm in length when fully grown. These tiny insects are much like termites. They live in rotting bark, wood, leaf litter and trees. Angel insects are also fungal spore scavengers and will occasionally eat small mites. Two adult types of Angel insects exist: a pale, wingless, blind adult and a dark, large-winged adult with compound eyes. The winged adult is able to shed its wings when needed. Both adult types have biting mouths and triangular heads. Pharaoh Ant The pharaoh ant is one of the smallest of the ant species, measuring approximately 1 1/ 16 inches in length when fully grown. These ants will nest anywhere, especially in buildings with artificial heat or in dark, undisturbed places. Pharaoh ant infestations are difficult to control as the colony, which is home to several queens, will be moved at the first sign of disturbance. When the colony is disturbed, a queen along with several workers and pre-adults will simply create a new colony at a different location. Professional help is generally necessary when dealing with a pharaoh ant infestation.


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