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Strange insects eat my almonds?

Question: Strange insects eat my almonds?

(Posted by: trc2000 on 2012-02-16 12:00:48)

I have a bag of almonds in my kitchen shelve, and recently I noticed that some almonds are half eaten. There is something on it, that looks like sand. I cannot see it moving. What is that? Are those mites or something else? i took a photo of that weird stuff: http:/ / f/ 833/ strangetk.jpg/


Posted by: rmbrruffian on 2012-02-16, 14:11:44

I would pitch the almonds. I buy almonds in bulk and I freeze them in smaller ziploc bags.


Posted by: bluetopaz on 2012-02-16, 13:08:07

It might be bugs. You might want to pitch the bag of almonds. It may be some type of microscopic insect that was in the bag, when you bought the almonds at the store, or you may have some type of bug in your kitchen cabinet. Take a flashlight and look in your cabinet. To make sure you can wash your cabinet down on the inside with vinegar and water. It's not an insecticide, but it should help if insects are present. I'd start there to begin with and use tight fitting containers to store food in your cabinets.


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