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My plants infested with insects. need urgent help?

Question: My plants infested with insects. need urgent help?

(Posted by: Dreamshade on 2012-02-20 06:46:40)

I have a lot of potted plants at home. and one of them, a huge bryophyllum flowered and it attracted a lot of red ants and now the entire stem is infested with them crawling up and down! and along with the ants there's these tiny furry oval shaped cocoon like things which crawl real real slowly and hardly move. and the leaves have decayed from the edges inwards and all except the newest leaves are gone! and this disease is spreading to other plants!!!! please help please help please help!!!!! what do i do????? :( :( :( :(


Posted by: akta_me on 2012-02-20, 07:06:28

Spray neem water (neem leaves crushed in water also will do ),if you have tried other insectisides ,try some thing different so that insects will find it difficult to adopt.


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-02-20, 07:05:07

The ants are eating the honey do that the mealy bugs are making. Ants also put aphids eggs under the leaves of plants so they can eat their honeydew. Finding out where the ants are coming from and putting some ant bait around their nest or around where they are crawling will get rid of the ants.


Posted by: Sword Lily on 2012-02-20, 10:30:01

The red antlike critters are aphids. I just got rid of an infestation of them on my houseplants. I spray them with insecticidal soap ( you can buy it in any garden center ), wait 24 hours and then wipe down the plant wih a piece of paper towel to get rid of the carcasses. I have no idea about the furry things.


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