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Herbs to repel insects?

Question: Herbs to repel insects?

(Posted by: Zachary Meyer on 2012-02-25 21:31:02)

ESPECIALLY spiders! I've read about herbs that are used to repel insects, but I forget the names. I remember that tomato vines are used to repel flies in Mexico and other places. Some herb repels snakes too, I believe, but I suck at names. I'm asking now because I've seen a spider come out from under my bed and that is my worst fear. It keeps me up for hours and it makes me do things I don't want to, plus it makes me feel like something is crawling on me, biting me a little. PLEASE HELP ME.


Posted by: george nash on 2012-02-25, 22:22:24

I dont know of any herbs that repel spiders. Very few spiders are dangerous. Most spiders are as afraid of you s you are of them and will get out of your way if they can.If you see one kill it otherwise get advice on how to control your phobia.


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-02-25, 23:49:24

There is really nothing that is effective as a repellent for spiders, but lemon scented furniture polish works a little, as does some pine scented fresheners. Spiders you will find indoors will not pose any threat to you, but dwelling on a fear will have you become arachnophobic. (you don't want that) I have a number of spiders in my place, but they never seem to bother anyone and have never been a nuisance.(save for a messy web) It is just too easy for me to just ignore the spiders. If I happen to find one in the bed, I just shoo it away, and if I find one crawling on me, I just coax it onto my hand and put it in a corner where it wont get squished. No big deal, but I am rather familiar with spiders, and don't mind their presence.


Posted by: jack on 2012-02-26, 05:57:10

Catnip/ garlic/ marigolds all three repell mosquitoes spiders and lots of other pests. especially catnip can repell insects better than commercial deet products


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