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How do i keep insects away?

Question: How do i keep insects away?

(Posted by: Santa Claus on 2012-02-26 22:07:27)

I want to start a restaurant which is open on 3 sides and the roof would be made of coconut leaves. There are also a lot of trees around to keep it cool. I am expecting a lot of insects around especially during the night and the light in the restaurant is going to attract them inside.How can I stop these insects or rather prevent these insects from getting into the restaurant.


Posted by: Rosey G on 2012-02-27, 08:17:29

You could consult with an ornithologist who would suggest ways for you to attract birds to breed at your place or near it. Birds eat volumes of insects every single day. The birds could serve as an added attraction for your restaurant. You might consider advertising bird watching before or after dinner as a group activity. This could increase your business. Gold fish ponds also work wonders in keeping insects populations down by eating the larvae. "relax while viewing a special super goldfish kind " could also be another attraction point for your business. Good luck with your insects. Oh an entomological consultation would be helpful because he might suggest some natural predators besides birds and fish. Good Luck with your business.


Posted by: george nash on 2012-02-26, 22:23:51

If there are any other open air restaurants around talk to their owners and see how they have handled the problem.


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