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Do insects sleep ? (german cockroaches)?

Question: Do insects sleep ? (german cockroaches)?

(Posted by: Dizzy Blonde on 2012-03-06 19:13:50)

I got bugs in my apartment. (German Cockroaches) I keep the kitchen light on all night. It seems to keep them from socializing out in the open. I want them ALL dead . Please help !


Posted by: Sadie Right on 2012-03-06, 19:15:03

I believe every animal sleeps


Posted by: Mark92 on 2012-03-06, 19:19:41

Yes, every living things need sleep for their healthy day... If you want to kill them use bug killer spray such as ortho, mortein which kills the bugs


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-03-06, 19:30:53

German roaches hang out in cracks and crevices and they would have to be sleeping during the day time. Some Combat gel or bait will kill the german roaches. It is a lot like the Max force bait that exterminators use. German roaches are immune to sprays and most baits. The roaches will eat the bait and go to the nest and the other roaches will get it to and it will take a few days for them to die.


Posted by: William B on 2012-03-06, 20:20:12

No they just rest, boric acid powder will kill them


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