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My parents are in denial (insect infestation)?

Question: My parents are in denial (insect infestation)?

(Posted by: 니나입니다 on 2012-03-06 22:15:30)

There are bugs in our house!! Now, I know it's normal for people to have maybe one or two bugs in their house, and I know there can be worse situations, but seriously..There's way too many bugs here and we have control over this. I'm not exactly sure how many different types of bugs, but I do know some of them are unidentifiable... For some reason my parents thinks that we have a "normal " amount of bugs in our house for some odd reason, they're everywhere!! Some fly and some don't, some do both. The worst part of this is I can't stand to see them crawling in my bed! I'm not sure exactly what I can do, but is it at all possible to stop bugs from entering my room and kill off the ones already in here without extermination? (I obviously need something pretty easy since my parent's don't seem to care about this at all) I can't take this anymore!


Posted by: Ahasanul on 2012-03-10, 12:17:35

Call a professional to solve the bug problem. They will what to do. I had bed bugs and they are annoying as well as painful. I tried spraying them but didn't work. So, I called exterminator and he did his job pretty well. Now I'm bug free. :)


Posted by: orlie512 on 2012-03-07, 01:00:24

Have you tried a spray?


Posted by: Magnolia on 2012-03-07, 05:11:00

Here is the safe and easy way to get rid of all the bugs without making your house toxic. Mix 20 Mule Team Borax soap half and half with Kuik Chocolate drink mix. Mix it well and spread a little around in places bugs go, like under drawers etc. Three weeks later your bug problem will be over. It doesn't poison them, they go for the sugar and the soap plugs their digestive system and they starve to death. It works.


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-03-07, 07:10:18

For the flying bugs. Some soap and water in a container under a lamp will get rid of bugs. The light attracts them and they will fall into the soap and die. Vacuuming all over your room will pick up bugs. The bugs might be coming in around the windows.


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