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Weird insect, what is it?

Question: Weird insect, what is it?

(Posted by: on 2012-03-09 00:01:57)

It swims most of the time pretty much lives in water but can also walk just fine. http:/ / n1wlth.jpg http:/ / 2195jwl.jpg


Posted by: Ankur on 2012-03-09, 00:27:05

First time i see this kind of Insects. It is just look like undeveloped Grasshopper.


Posted by: Phoenix on 2012-03-09, 00:50:30

It's most likely a Mayfly larvae.


Posted by: thenwhen on 2012-03-09, 01:06:17

The photos gave me quite a scare. actually it looks a little like cola flavored jelly beans


Posted by: Hari charan on 2012-03-09, 05:21:33

The heaviest documented present-day insect was a 70 g (2½ oz) Giant We ta, though theGoliath beetles (see photo) hold the title for some of the largest species in general. The largest known extinct insect is an ancient dragonfly, Meganeura.


Posted by: Lar on 2012-03-09, 20:48:45

It's a nymph (larvae) of a dragonfly


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Cambodia Kam Insects   Ss Mnh

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