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What is this strange flying insect?

Question: What is this strange flying insect?

(Posted by: caiohme on 2012-03-25 12:00:49)

I have recently came across a strange looking flying insect in my garden. it looks alot like a bee, as in its hairy body, but it is orange and black striped and comes from the ground, especially soil areas. around these areas are little holes which i gather may be air holes, cos when i covered one over one of these insects came flying out of another!!!! would like to know if they are harmful to children and animals please, as my dog seems to be doing alot of digging up of them. thanks in advance


Posted by: Veronica on 2012-03-25, 12:13:01

These are lawn Bees,one of the solitary Bees,they are harmless and do not sting. solitary_bees_gallery.htm Just an added bit of info before you do anything to make them move away,Bees are in big decline right now and people should try and help them as much as possible.


Posted by: Lar on 2012-03-25, 13:35:18

Sounds like one of the digger bee species..1 hole = 1 nest...what attracts 1 bee to nests will also attract many others, but they are not associating with each other like honey bees do. Only the males do not sting, the females will sting if stepped on or get caught in hair or clothing as they are coming out of the hole. keeping the area wet can encourage them to move off to a new location, hopefully away from your property.


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