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Any good lawn insect killer that is safe for kids?

Question: Any good lawn insect killer that is safe for kids?

(Posted by: Brielle on 2012-03-29 16:01:45)

An also safe for animals. Would like to reduce the ticks, spiders, and Mosquitos in our back yard.. Thanks


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-03-29, 16:09:34

Nothing that can kill these critters is going to be safe for humans and pets, irregardless of label hyperbole. Much less, outdoors.


Posted by: Asmith93 on 2012-03-29, 16:02:46

No there's always a risk. I mean just don't let your dog eat the grass or your kids.


Posted by: plantmaniac on 2012-03-29, 16:35:07

A weak solution of coffee (don't use decaf) mixed with water lightly sprayed on the affected area should kill all or most of them. Even if it doesn't, it will shorten their lifespan and/ or prevent them from breeding. don't use to much coffee or you might kill the grass (coffee is very acidic). It works by causing the bugs to die from heart attack (the decaf type doesn't do this).


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