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How do i kill spiders in my bedroom?

Question: How do i kill spiders in my bedroom?

(Posted by: on 2012-01-29 11:09:50)

They bite me when I'm asleep and I wake up with painful itchy welts on my arms, face, and ears. I've had enough. I'd prefer a pet safe natural way but I'm open for suggestions.


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-01-29, 15:32:11

I would put spiders at the bottom of the list of possibilities, as they rarely bite more than once. With bites this widespread, this would be more likely mosquitoes. bedbugs confine to a smaller area, so I doubt that's the culprit. There are a number of skin conditions that can cause these symptoms also. For those that believe spiders will bite you while sleeping, you might read this: spidermyth/ myths/ asleep.html


Posted by: Matt Hamer on 2012-01-29, 11:11:06

Are you sure they're spiders? House spiders rarely go anywhere near people, and they shouldn't bite you :/


Posted by: Caolan C on 2012-01-29, 11:12:04

That sounds like bed-bugs, which are disgusting creatures that eat you while you sleep, not spiders.


Posted by: Don D on 2012-01-29, 11:12:37

Check your bed for bed bugs.


Posted by: Deutschjoe on 2012-01-29, 11:39:13

Sounds like fleas... since you have pets. Treat your animals with advantage. That will solve problem.


Posted by: Vulture on 2012-01-31, 21:31:03

Funny, i just answered a question asked by a spider about how to kill humans in her bedroom, apparently that human is blaming her for being a biter when its really something else, and wants to kill her. but seriously, chances are if something is biting you all over, its not a spider. its probably more like loads of much smaller, biteier, creatures. and if there are spiders, they may actually be helping, with the rare exception of the few types of spiders who are just idiotic little pests... like those yellow sacs >. > anyway, you say pet safe... does your pet sleep with you? if so, id suggest you start by giving your pet and your bedding and yourself a bath. what you are describing sounds like fleas.


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