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People say spiders are more scared of you?

Question: People say spiders are more scared of you?

(Posted by: on 2012-02-10 05:46:25)

But when ever there's a spider in my house it runs towords me and im running anway cuz i hate spiders :(


Posted by: CountryGirl on 2012-02-10, 05:59:35

Whoever said that spiders are more scared of you is partially right, I reckon. For example, if you put your hand up to one, it WILL run away. Sometimes they do come towards you though (or at least it could seem like that if you hate them). The absolute best thing to do when you see a spider is to step on it. Trust me, it's the best thing. It may seem scary at first, but in the end it'll stop whatever spider population you have in your house. The more of them you kill, the less there are that can reproduce and thus increase the population.


Posted by: Annie M on 2012-02-10, 06:00:12

Yes and I do the same, but if ever they spot you they stay deadly still it's quite sweet really that is why I no longer squash them! I just leave them downstairs and I disappear upstairs for the rest of the evening!


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-02-10, 07:38:52

You happen to meet a spider and are in its path while it is going some where is the reason it is running toward you. If you go up close to it it will run.


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-02-10, 15:17:37

This is fundamentally true. Spiders cannot think,and only react on natural instinct.(they are dumb s**ts) They are also in fear for their survival, and only perceive humans as a threat. Most spiders will run from a possible threat, and if they think they can find sanctuary, they run for it. They don't know the foot they are running to might be yours.(they can't tell a foot from a baseboard) Simply put, The spider is just running from what it thinks is a threat. If it happens to be toward you, it doesn't mean anything. If you stood perfectly still, the spider will either run around or over your foot and keep on running. One evening I watched a spider just strolling along and it went over my foot,back to the floor and just kept going. It didn't have a clue it crawled across a human foot. Had I moved my foot and disturbed the spider, it would have taken off like a bat outa h33l. Sorry you hate spiders though,cant help you there.


Posted by: Zyzzyx on 2012-02-11, 06:32:15

I doubt that a spider has enough brainpower for a complex emotion like scared. As someone else has said here, they operate on instinct. Although I find them frightful to look at, and the webs are a bit of a nuisance in the house, I still think they are useful. A fly zooming around in your house is eventually going to find a spider web, if you have left them in place. So you see that a spider is your ally in the fight against flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other airborne pests.


Posted by: Matt on 2012-02-12, 10:40:04

Anyone who says spiders are more scared of us is wrong. THEY'RE TERRIFYING! :L


Posted by: forest on 2012-02-13, 10:01:52

I'm not scared of spiders but the saying is partially true. Depending on the spider. Although, I wouldn't go killing every spider in your house. Do you like mosquitos or other insects? Spiders take care of a great amount of insects each and every day! In your house, you will always have bugs, spiders, and the very common house centipede. Spiders will take care of the bugs & centipedes eat spiders. Though, I believe every should be educated a little bit about spiders.. The reason I say don't go kill every spider isn't just because they keep the insect population down.. but also because some are very poisonious. For example, if a spider falls from the ceiling and lands on your arm and you freak out the spider will bite even if it takes you only a second to kill the spider. What if that spider was a brown recluse? You are looking at a world of hurt depending on how much venom was injected into your body. Do a little research on the brown recluse. If I were you, I would overcome my fear by interacting with a spider. Go to the pet store and ask an employee if they would help you get over the fear of a spider. Most pet stores have tarantulas and every tarantula I have held and played with is very friendly. Also, do a little research on what kind of spider is in your house. If it is a brown recluse, I would kill it. Though, I'm very frantic on killing spiders just because so many people do it and they really DO keep down the bug population! But, if it is in my house & it's going to be biting me when I'm sleeping not doing anything wrong to the bug, I'm going to be a little pissed. That's why I would kill it. Even though spiders have 8 eyes, they have HORRIBLE eye sight, that is WHY they have many eyes, so they can see better. Being scared of spiders can effect you in many ways in life. Depending on what kind of job you want, it can be very hard to fulfill your task if you come face to face with a spider. You can overcome your fear on spiders. Anyone can, but that doesn't mean I'm telling you you have to LIKE spiders. You don't have to touch every spider you see, I'm just advising get over your fear of spiders. Also, reconsider on if you should kill the spider or not. I believe we need a balance of spiders and other creatures. What sort of spider is in your house?


Posted by: ruth on 2014-01-01, 13:16:09

Say you are about to crushed by a fearsome giant infinitely bigger than you. Tell me you wouldn't have the sh!t scared out of you. Of course they're afraid! While you see yourself as huddled on top of a chair shrieking, "Spider! OMG kill it KILL IT!!!! " and whaking it with a flyswatter, it sees you as a huge giant that causes spider sized disasters, bellows and shakes the earth, causes death and destruction and chaos wherever you go, and is armed with a terrifying arsenal of chemicals, crushing things, and other tools of torture and death. Are you scared yet?


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