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What household idem kills spiders?

Question: What household idem kills spiders?

(Posted by: Lillian on 2012-02-15 21:39:30)

There under my bed and I'm eleven and my perants said live with it


Posted by: Jack K on 2012-02-15, 21:42:18

A big boot You'd be better off getting rid of your parents ... What type of a parent would take that attitude???


Posted by: Assjimilate on 2012-02-15, 21:50:06

My daughter had the same problem. She had a few bites one morning, Move your bed out away from the wall, vacuum the carpet really good and clean the walls! After we did that it has been fine.


Posted by: Anne M on 2012-02-15, 22:09:47

Squirt it with fly spray.


Posted by: Elaine on 2012-02-15, 22:38:17

Get a dust mop or vacuum under bed.


Posted by: Itziona Rivera on 2012-02-15, 22:55:46

Idk. try spraying under your bed with a harsh chem like hairspray or air freshener..i doubt it it will work but atleast try. also try a vacuum. if u can


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-02-16, 00:13:47

Brooms and vacuums can kill spiders, But in all honesty, spiders you will find in your room are not going to pose any threat to you at all. It really would be easier just to ignore them.


Posted by: David on 2012-02-16, 00:21:19

Live and let live.if you have to get rid of them just collect them in a container and tip them outside.i'm sure we're not talking tarantulas!


Posted by: ♥Creepy Cupcake♥ on 2012-02-16, 01:58:50

They're small, harmless innocent little creatures. Stop being such a big meanie and leave them alone. They don't want to bother you and you have no reason to be scared of them.


Posted by: jet-set on 2012-02-16, 02:11:16

Spiders are our friends! Why do you want to kill? They eat disgusting flies (which serve no useful purpose), and which spread nasty germs. If you really have to get rid of it from under your bed, gather it up in a dustpan, and put it out of the window.


Posted by: Claire on 2012-02-16, 05:07:52

Spiders apparently dislike the smell of conkers so try putting one under your bed:)


Posted by: cartel_molloy on 2012-02-16, 05:39:35

If you want to live and thrive, Let the spider run alive. They capture and consume very many other, much nastier bugs!


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