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How do you kill a spider in the corner?

Question: How do you kill a spider in the corner?

(Posted by: on 2012-02-19 08:27:05)

I just got new info... I just copied this off their website. .. It's a new hand tool for killing spiders, insects and other bugs at a safer distance. With it's uniquely designed angle & 18 inch reach you can get the spider without getting too close or standing directly under a spider found on the ceiling. Spiders live and nest in corners, the "Spider Fighter " specializes in getting into ceiling corners. If used with double sided tape it can help in keeping bug remains off walls and ceilings. Thanks for all your help!


Posted by: Magnolia on 2012-02-19, 08:31:47

Don't ya hurt da thing, it has a life too.


Posted by: navi on 2012-02-19, 08:32:04

You don't. Get a long glass, put this over it. Slide a piece of card under glass. Spider now in glass. Pick cardboard up with glass and turn right way up. With card board still in place carry outside and empty glass. No harm to you or spider.


Posted by: RIGGS® on 2012-02-19, 08:32:10

If i can't get them with a glass and throw them out alive,i suck em up with the hoover attachment???


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-02-19, 08:37:10

A vacuum cleaner hose will zap it.


Posted by: john s on 2012-02-19, 08:41:09

It's all in the wrist.


Posted by: WILLIAM on 2012-02-19, 08:42:16

I would vacuum it up remove it from the cylinder then kill it, but I am not like that I'd let it go.


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-02-19, 09:00:53

I would likely just ignore it.


Posted by: Insidius on 2012-02-19, 09:17:36

Same way I do any other spider. Spray it with some extra hold hairspray and wait for it to stop twitching and then squish it with a heavy book.


Posted by: Lnldc on 2012-02-19, 10:02:10

If you really want to kill t squish it with the corner of a heavy book but u have a heart catch it and let it go outside. I doubt it harmed you why would you harm it?


Posted by: ? on 2012-02-19, 14:01:55

Hire a contract killer.


Posted by: Opinion on 2012-02-21, 13:03:25

Thanks for the heads up. I went to the spiderfighter website to see for myself. I didn't know there was such a thing. Looks like you were right in what you wrote. However, I think you left some good stuff out of your post. It's made of strong polycarbonite which is used for bullet proof glass and has a replacement gaurantee. You don't have to use pesticides or poison spray and it's eco-freindly. It has "how to " video guides to show all the different ways it can be used. I'm especailly impressed with the ease of keeping remains off walls and ceilings using double stick tape. Also the ease of disposal once insect was on the tape. You gotta see the tape video as well. The spiderfighter tool or implement has all bases covered. Before, the spiderfighter came along you could kill the spider which caused another problem "the mess " and then the next problem "who cleans it up " and then the next problem "how do you throw it away without touching it? This things a WINNER! Did you notice their announcement? (Comming soon too "As seen on TV "). Probably at the start of spider season...sweet! I'm OpinionJuice and that's my opinion!


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