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There are spiders and silver fish in my room!?

Question: There are spiders and silver fish in my room!?

(Posted by: on 2012-02-20 13:36:04)

Usually when its around 9 in the morning i see silverfish and spiders on my walls. i want to get rid of them badly, i have arachnophobia and its really bad so i cant bring myself kill them with like a book. i used boric acid and it hasn't really done anything. In my whole house my room is the only one with bugs too which annoys me a lot. My room is above the garage which might be how spiders get in and also there's a slight crack in my window but is has a net behind it, and my room is next the the bathroom. that could be the how they get in. please tell me how i can get rid pf these pests :)


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