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Big spider in my bathroom?

Question: Big spider in my bathroom?

(Posted by: on 2012-02-23 23:00:12)

Whenever I think of spiders I start shaking and there is a huge brown spider with I think one eye or something else on top its body or circle shape thingy and long legs and I was in the bathroom when I noticed this brown thing and looked a lil closer and it was a spider! :( Literally bigger than you think! (I'm not an adult)! When my mum got home from work my sister told her but before she could kill the evil creature it got away! Please help... And my mum won't get an exterminator when our house is flooding with bugs. Also when I went into this kinda basement in the bathroom, there are spider webs up there and big spider webs at almost every part of my house.. My house is literally flooding with bugs it's like a home for bugs not humans..


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-02-24, 04:35:36

The bugs and spiders are not going to bother you at all, but it does sound like your family should do a little housekeeping. Routine cleaning with a vacuum will help control the bugs and spiders, and maybe some sticky traps.


Posted by: Fellina on 2012-02-23, 23:19:07

Maybe you Mom can buy some bug spray from the super market and spray your house.


Posted by: Amanda on 2012-02-24, 00:03:59

Lysol those mothers. or fry them with lysoj and a lighter


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