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How do i get rid of house spiders ?

Question: How do i get rid of house spiders ?

(Posted by: on 2012-02-29 02:58:27)


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-02-29, 07:20:37

Usually just routine cleaning with a vacuum and maybe some sticky traps will keep the spiders under control. You may never rid them completely, but what few you may see, you can deal with as you spot them.


Posted by: Genibus Nitito, Canus! on 2012-02-29, 03:18:30

Gather up some centipedes and set them loose on the spiders.


Posted by: Sari on 2012-02-29, 05:08:15

You know conquers that fall off of trees? Apparently leaving them around your house, such as near the front door, on the windowsill and under the sofas and beds, helps. They hate the smell of them and won't go near them. My Gran does this, and honestly, I've never seen a single spider in her house. It's a quick, cheap and easy solution haha.


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-03-01, 08:42:28

This site will help. Putting glue traps made for spiders along the baseboards will trap spiders.


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