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What is the pros and cons of relocating spiders to a different part of the home?

Question: What is the pros and cons of relocating spiders to a different part of the home?

(Posted by: littlethunder727 on 2012-03-07 23:45:51)

I have a little "bug " problem... they seem everywhere. Recently I found a spider(s) in a location I really wish s/ he were not in. Reason being is that the greater of the bug problem is in a different part of the apartment/ home. I would like to move the spider to the more desired place but I am not sure what the ramifcations may be. The spider seems to be doing a good job where s/ he is at but the other area holds a far bigger prize for his little tummy. Should I dare move the spider? If so what are the pros and cons?


Posted by: eanne94 on 2012-03-08, 02:50:20

Live dangerously - try it and see!


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-03-08, 06:22:21

The spider is eating bugs that you don't see where it is. When the bugs are gone it will go where the bugs are. Spiders will not bite or brother you unless they are threatened. The spider might stay where you put it because the bugs are there or it might go some where else.


Posted by: Jewel on 2012-03-08, 07:04:01

You can try to move the spider--but if it doesn't like the new place, it'll just move itself again and find another spot in the house. The bugs in the other part of our home may not appeal to it. However, it's unlikely to come back to the exact place where you first found it, so at least you not have it there.


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-03-08, 15:07:27

For the most part, spiders you find indoors(house spiders) have adapted to the indoor environment. When you see them in a particular location, it is because they feel safe and are getting plenty to eat, and are not being disturbed. You can relocate them to another part of the house,and they may even set up a home right away, as long as there is little disturbance. I have southern house spiders,1 is the original, and 3 more of her offspring. I moved one to the front den behind a book case,where she stayed for a few years,and another to my bedroom,and was quite happy by the nightstand. I get infested with crickets,(the ones that bite) and if not for my 8 legged buddies,I would get eaten alive. The spiders are as harmless as they come, but do make a messy web. They did a good job with the crickets,and ate their fair share of roaches. After these moved in, there were no more widows around either. 'Ol lady' lived behind my water cooler over 4 years. photos/ 32083154@N02/ 3710724674/ in/ photostream And here is one of her boyfriends: photos/ 32083154@N02/ 3710691068/ in/ photostream


Posted by: ♥Creepy Cupcake♥ on 2012-03-08, 15:16:17

Thing is, the spider might be helping with a bug problem in the part of the house where it is already. If you were to move the spider you might have the problem but vice verse. Spiders only stay in a place where they have plenty of food. Perhaps finding more spiders would do the trick. Try finding some more house spiders. Spiders can usually be found in dark, dry places that are generally undisturbed, such as under your couch or behind your bookcase for example. Certain species of spider actually belong indoors. Maybe try googling house spiders followed by where you live and many different species will come up.


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