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How do i get rid of spiders should i bomb my house and if so what the name of the bomb.?

Question: How do i get rid of spiders should i bomb my house and if so what the name of the bomb.?

(Posted by: on 2012-03-11 23:59:00)


Posted by: Lar on 2012-03-12, 09:33:04

Bombing will not get rid of most of the spiders, though it will work better than products like Home Defense, short term only. Spiders are not insects and insect sprays rely on the cleaning habits of insects to be effective, spiders do not go thru the same cleaning. If you can find a spray that the formulation is Micro encapsulated, this is a long term way to kill spiders that walk thru the treated areas. Place out flat glue boards along the baseboards will be as effective as anything and hit the ones in the corners with the vacuum extension hose.


Posted by: eurometrix on 2012-03-12, 00:01:48

Regular insect spray in your local hardware stor will do good luck


Posted by: Connor on 2012-03-12, 00:17:33

Home Depot and Fred Meyer sell a product called Home defense. It comes in a spray I think Ortho makes it you spray it outside all around the perimeter of the house and windows and doors and again inside along the edge of every wall If you have pets keep them away until it dries Ity works we had a few wolf spiders and now gone You can use bombs too but I would use spray on top so they stay gone Spray works up to 4 months Hope this helps Its sold in the area thay sells raid and those tyypes of stuff


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