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Methods to keep spiders out of the house?

Question: Methods to keep spiders out of the house?

(Posted by: on 2012-03-13 16:22:20)

In about a year I'll be moving to Arizona for college. Yeah, spider haven.. the only worse place I can possibly think of would be Australia. I want so badly to live there for other reasons though that I'm willing to deal with it.. sort of. I wouldn't say I have arachnophobia (actually, maybe I do), but as it is I'm afraid to kill the small ones here (as if they'll jump up and attack my face).. I don't think I could kill a big one because just the appearance and sound of it would probably make me faint for the first time in my life. Snakes and scorpions though, bring 'em on! ANYWHO, my solution will be to try to keep them OUT, so I don't have to kill or otherwise remove them. But, for my first years there, I will probably be living in an apartment, where I doubt I'll be allowed to chemically treat for spiders and insects. I know there has to be other ways to keep them away or drive them out, though. So, what are these ways? Preferrably things I can use in conjunction.. if I can, I will do them ALL at once so no single spider will be able to set foot in my abode!


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-03-13, 19:26:39

Arizona actually has very few spiders for the arid climate. Unless you will be in a rural area, you wont find something like a tarantula,and I haven't seen a scorpion in over 3 years. Black widows are abundant, but you would have to hunt for them to find any. You might find the southern hose spiders(crevice spiders) but these are as harmless as daddy longleg spiders. I actually welcome these because they don't bother anybody,and with these in the house, you wont find black widows. Dealing with your phobia will be easier than trying to deal with spiders. Perhaps if you became more familiar with spiders you would feel more comfortable in their presence. These are my little friends: photos/ 32083154@N02/ 3710724674/ in/ photostream photos/ 32083154@N02/ 3710691068/ in/ photostream


Posted by: Jorgie Girl on 2012-03-13, 16:27:30

Keep crickets out--spiders and scorpions eat them. Keep spider webs down, and dust in corners daily. I lived in TX and parts of it are like AZ--works for me!


Posted by: Jasmine on 2012-03-14, 00:33:26

You can actually have your own pet in order to help you with your problem (if you are allowed to). Cats would usually go after any insects and they pretty much reliable. It would even be best if you can attach screens on the windows in order prevent their entry. Also, be sure to seal any cracks as well as opening that could serve them as entry points. Have a bottle of insect spray ready just in case.


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