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So summer is coming soon, ways to keep spiders out of your house?

Question: So summer is coming soon, ways to keep spiders out of your house?

(Posted by: Rochelle on 2012-03-15 03:10:41)

Okay well last summer I always found spiders in my house and I hate them! What are ways you keep them out? I heard peppermint oil worked? But the thing is I have 2 hamsters, and heard mice don't like it so would the peppermint oil affect my hamsters if i put the peppermint oil in my room? Another reason why is sometimes spiders crawl through the cracks on walls and stuff and I don't want one to end up getting in one of my hamsters cages or something. Any way to get rid of them that you found helpful or if the peppermint oil would work, I'd like to get something before the bugs start coming back out. Thanks so much! :)


Posted by: Cathlin on 2012-03-15, 08:33:06

Check your local garden store, Lowe's', or Home Depot for a good pesticide. Every month I spray outside around my doors and windows with a gallon sprayer I use only for that purpose. If you have allot of trees, this promotes more spiders.


Posted by: Emma on 2012-03-15, 05:06:14

I'v no idea if this works but my nan just to swear my concers! Dont even know how you spell it sorry, but they used to be all over her house


Posted by: on 2012-03-15, 05:42:19

Spiders enter you house looking for other insects to eat. You need to keep those other insects out without using chemicals that would harm your pets. Mix up a batch of "tobacco tea ", and pour it around the perimeter of your house (outside).


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-03-15, 08:44:46

The real coconut oil sounds good.


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