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How can i kill this spider?!?

Question: How can i kill this spider?!?

(Posted by: on 2012-03-22 09:10:24)

There's a big spider on my hallway closet curtain. Its just sitting there but i dont want to go pas the closet cause I'm afraid that it might jump or move. All I have to spray it with is Mr. Clean because my other things are in that closet. I'm highly afraid of spiders.


Posted by: ° Pawnmaster ° on 2012-03-22, 09:12:11

Mr. Clean will just tick it off. If you have a vacuum suck it up. If not grab a broom and swat it from a distance and be ready to stomp it when it falls.


Posted by: Abby on 2012-03-22, 09:12:33

Aww don't kill the poor thing just leave it be it won't jump out at you or try to kill you or anything like that lol it just likes the dark and it will probably just sit there and do nothing till night time anyway


Posted by: Ruben Orphin on 2012-03-22, 09:12:42

Put pillows around u get ur sprays and stuff . Put on a face covering helmet. hockey stick cover ur feet! and charge in! HAVE FUN :D


Posted by: Stephanie F on 2012-03-22, 09:12:59

I found a huge one today. What I did was grab a jar and put it over it and took it far away from the house and let it go. I use to spray pledge on them til it foamed and put a jar over them. My husband didn't like me killing them because they eat bugs and this year the bugs are already bad. You can take a glass or a jar and slowly bring it towards it and press against the curtain, capture it and take it outside.


Posted by: Nope.avi on 2012-03-22, 09:13:10

Get something long so you don't go near it and then hit it hard. make sure it doesn't escape or else it could jump out from some random place when your least expecting it.


Posted by: Chronos on 2012-03-22, 09:14:11

That task is easily accomplished. Step 1: Obtain a block of wood. A 6 " to 8 " section of a common 2 "x4# board is sufficient. Step 2: Obtain a hammer. A common carpenter's hammer will be sufficient. Step 3: Place spider on block of wood. Step 4: Strike spider using hammer. Use a very firm blow when striking the spider. Step 5: Dispose of ex-spider and block of wood at your convenience. There! See how easy that was?


Posted by: sleaze on 2012-03-22, 09:17:47

Look it in the eye and tell it to get the H### out


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-03-22, 09:21:40

Some hairspray will make it stick together and then it can be smashed.


Posted by: Karl on 2012-03-22, 09:22:36

If you have an paper use that along with the lid off of the Mr.clean bottle and then capture the spider and throw it out of your window where it belongs... or go with the simple way and ignore it as they are good for keeping flies out of your room ;)


Posted by: drown_sound on 2012-03-22, 09:22:37

Don't be scared it won't attack you all of a sudden, it's probably more afraid of you than you of it. I have a large spider in my bathroom, and it never bothered me.


Posted by: lindylou on 2012-03-22, 09:25:47

There is nothing funny about fear. I have a couple friends that are scared of spiders. One even calls a neighbor over to kill them. Spiders like quiet places. To prevent spiders to be where you don't want them, may I suggest getting an extending duster and swipe it along the edges of closets, hallways, corners, etc. Do this at least once a month. Spiders can tell if a place has been disturbed and won't settle there. Please remember that spiders are a beneficial insect and only want to catch gnats and mosquito. They don't jump on people. If you were to take a broom to it, he will find a different place to find food. At least a broom will keep you far away from it. I know that many people don't like spiders so I dust corners, along light fixtures, edges of ceilings to prevent them from settling. I don't like killing them because they are beneficial and good for gardens. I do this once a month. They do give me a shiver or two but I face my fear by giving them respect but I do chase them away where they don't belong. Tell yourself that you are encouraging them to go outside when you brush them. At least they don't like to crawl into drawers of undies like roaches. eww. you will be fine


Posted by: Tom Dickas on 2012-03-22, 09:30:08

As long as you leave it alone It won't bother you, there are alot of people that fear spiders, its what they call arachniphobia. Ever see the movie? Any how just leave it alone , Its waiting for it's "Dinner " to come by, spiders are benificial, they control pests such as fly's gnats mosquitos, and other other household insect pest. 2 types of spiders u need to watch out for, that is the Black Widow which is black with a red hourglass on its belly, ( Just the female blackwidow is the one you need to be careful of) and The Brown Recluse spider. It's body is a violin shape, I understand that down in Austrailia they have some spiders down there that have a real nasty and deadly repitation. I Myself used to be afraid of spiders, until one day I came to my senses and asked my self why am I afraid of something so small and puny? Sure I relize the potential damage it could do, If I allow it to bite me, but I wont allow it. because it would be down on the ground/ floor scurrying for its life as I prepare to plant a size 12 boot on it thus ending its miserable life. Spiders they fear me.


Posted by: ColdWarrior on 2012-03-22, 09:39:19

You have more bugs in your house than you can imagine. Dust mites for sure, and far more than you see. Spiders eat them, that is why they are there. Most spiders are harmless and those that are dangerous stay outside in leaf litter or rocks. But this information isn't going to change the minds of people who are terrified of them. In that case have some one else take care of the problem. .


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-03-22, 10:04:45

Why kill it. it certainly isn't going to hurt you. Perhaps if you do something about your fear, spiders wont bother you.


Posted by: MJ on 2012-03-22, 10:25:20

Spiders can not be killed with chemicals, but you can stall it and kill it.


Posted by: Mathieu on 2012-03-22, 12:20:12

Good old newspaper! Nahh just kidding. Yeah, like everyone says, just use something like a broom, a shoe, a book, or swifer ( flat surface ). Its not gonna jump at you or nothing, its gonna move obviously. I am scared of spiders myself and i cant stand to see them move, so one firm whack against a surface and its a mess. :) You dont need answers to know how to kill a spider. :)


Posted by: Onur Kurk on 2012-03-22, 15:25:19

Don't kill it just take a piece of paper open your window let the spider get on the paper put the paper outside till he left the piece of paper


Posted by: Unknown on 2012-03-22, 15:44:36

What I do is to whack it with something, maybe a newspaper.


Posted by: JOKER on 2012-03-22, 17:18:39



Posted by: Emmukio on 2012-03-22, 19:39:31

The spider killing strategy depends on the whole situation. Is it armed? Does it have a hostage? What are its demands? Do we have an open line of communication with the spider? If the answer to any / all / none of the above questions is 'Yes' / 'No' / 'Hmmm. I'm not sure', then proceed with stratagem 1. STRATAGEM 1: Get in close to the spider. Get comrades to assist with suppressing fire if necessary. Squish spider.


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