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I found this big spider..?

Question: I found this big spider..?

(Posted by: Michael on 2012-03-26 12:57:32)

I found a BIG spider and I think its a jumping spider im not sure..but i managed to squirt it with some Blag Flag (spider killer) and it dissapeared :O. Should I hunt it down or is it kinda harmless/ helpfull Ok I kinda bombarded it with this crap and im sure its dead now under this cup..but for future reference should I just leave this big..hairy..gigantic monster alone...( kind of have a arachnophobia so when it came to kill me I had to fight back...) Ok from what im getting then it wasn't a jumping spider...cause it sure didn't look like no portia and it definitely was not that small trying to get over wanting to squish spiders really I am...I dont kill them anymore unless they happen to be in my room which this one was. Anyways this spider had what seemed like 2 long front legs..pretty dang hairy..and i would guesss the size of between a quarter and a nickle.


Posted by: daniel g on 2012-03-26, 13:18:37

First, jump spiders are really rather petite. and big spiders are likely St, Bernard 's of the spider world. Unless you are an insect, no spider is going to attack you, bite you ,lay eggs on you, or pose any threat to you at all. When you see a spider, rather than letting fear take control of you, you control it. if you dwell on this fear it will only make it worse. Truth is, you can often coax the spider onto your hand, and even play with it before turning it loose outside. Here is a short video of a common jump spider: watch?v= 1560DOYU_AY and this is your average garden spider: watch?v= -IXZFqUbFoc If you can pardon the verbal expressions, here are a couple guys playing with a spider before setting it loose: watch?v= cNzhzU8B0fo


Posted by: jean ann j on 2012-03-26, 13:16:49

A jumping spider will not bite unless you harm it. It is scared of you and you are too big to eat. It eats bugs. So it is helpful. A lot of them are black with a white dot on them. jumping.htm


Posted by: ♥Creepy Cupcake♥ on 2012-03-26, 13:23:55

'A big hairy gigantic monster'. Sorry to say this but you are a wimp. A tiny, helpless jumping spider would not go out of it's way to bite you or even come near you and if you did actually provoke it into biting you it would be no worse than a bee sting. There are very few species in the world that actually pose a threat to humans. Google it. If it's a big black, odd angular looking jumping spider chances are you have just killed a portia. These are beautiful spiders and very docile in temperament. Shame on you!


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Metro Fabbri Alfa Romeo  Spider Veloce  Green Rare Selten Raro

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