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Rearing Papilio rutulus
Ova 1

Here is a photo of my first rutulus ova in 2002. Let me tell you, I was a proud father. I got these from the flight cage method. This was my first attempt with rutulus in captivity. I had all but given up because after one week I did not see any eggs or ovipositing activity. Most of the butterflies had died by that time and as I was releasing the survivors I removed the potted willow from the cage for closer inspection. Then I noticed these eggs for the first time. My experiment had worked!

I removed the leaves with the eggs on them and placed them in a plastic container. That turned out to be a mistake: the leaves started turning black and moldy before the ova hatched (about 7 days later). Mold is not good. After that experience I never remove the leaves where the eggs are deposited. I leave them on the plant and work out other methods for protecting them until they hatch.

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