Various photographs that I'd like to share on the Web. I live in Middle Tennessee, just west of Nashville. The Diana photos were taken in east Tennessee, around the town of Dunlap. The moth and beetle photos were taken at my home. The camera I used was an H/P 733 digital 3.2MP. All the moths were hand reared by myself, and the beetles I collected in the local area by using blacklight/flourescent setups.

thinstarcecropia2_small.jpg activefeedingcecropia5thinstar_small.jpg wildcecropiaforrearing_small.jpg thinstarpromethiaontuliptree_small.jpg
thinstarpolyphemuspose_small.jpg freshlyemergedmalepromethia_small.jpg dianagreatspangledrearing004_small.jpg dianagreatspangledrearing028_small.jpg
dianagreatspangledrearing054_small.jpg greatspangledfritillaries_small.jpg gulffritillary_small.jpg pupaeandpupalcasedynastes2_small.jpg
wildcaptureddynastestityus1_small.jpg malestagbeetlesfighting_small.jpg

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