Sale on Used Entomology Equipment - Upland, CA

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BioQuip 1041 Series Display Cases with plastazote pinning bottoms & hinges attached. $49.00 ea.
Item #: 1041CP. Outside dimensions: 18 in. x 24 in.


I have three of these for sale. Two with natural finish and hinges on the short side, and one with hand-stained cherry finish and hinges on the long side. Knobs are screwed on the opposite sides to facilitate easy opening and handling. The hinges and knobs were attached to make them better suited for selling pinned insects at a trade show. This allows you to open the case with the glass facing the customer so that there is less danger of damage to the specimens or theft of the specimens. This is a much superior method than removing the glass lid entirely to access specimens in a crowded trade show environment. If you've ever had a little kid poke his finger in a completely open case and break your specimens then you can relate. If you purchase these new from BioQuip they will cost you about $81.00 each after tax and shipping - and you'll have to attach your own hinges and knobs. Your price for these used ones: only $49.00 ea. The exteriors are a little worn from many trade shows but the glass and the plastazote foam pinning bottoms are in very excellent condition.

BioQuip Standard Insect Boxes with polyethylene pinning bottoms. $20.00 ea.
Item #: 1001. Outside dimensions: 9 x 13 x 2-1/2" (229 x 330 x 64 mm)

I have four of these remaining in pristine condition. Here is BioQuip's description: "The original redwood insect box, introduced by BioQuip in 1947, continues to be the Schmitt-sized box entomologists prefer for collection storage because of its sturdy construction, tight fit, and relative economy. Top and bottom are hinged at the back, and hooks are provided on the sides. Due to increasing scarcity of commercially sized redwood trees, the top and bottom of this box are luan plywood produced from reclaimed materials. This is an excellent box for use in tropical areas as the redwood remains dimensionally stable through extremes of humidity and dryness. As the exterior is unfinished, it may be placed in an oven at low temperature with lid slightly open to dry out both the box and pinned specimens. Materials: kiln dried redwood frame; 1/8" luan plywood top and bottom; 5/16" white polyethylene foam pinning bottom; brass plated hinges and hooks. Construction: one piece frame and box joints; shoulders mitered and glued; sanded but not finished"

If you were to order these new from BioQuip you would have to pay about $48.00 each after tax and shipping. You can buy mine for only $20.00 each. Now THAT'S a bargain.

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