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Insect Suppliers & Traders

Here is our famous list of reliable insect suppliers from various countries.
Each suppliers have been checked by InsectNet members and staff. When you choose an insect supplier, please check that he is present on this list to avoid scammers.

Listings are in alphabetical order.

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Insect dealers list

flag france.gif ALD Entomologie
Worldwide supplier of unmounted insects (large selection of Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and all other groups). Top quality specimens, fast services and communication. All specimens with full data. Our website is updated weekly with new arrivals, offers real-time stock facilities and French and English descriptions. Fast and secured national and international delivery. Paypal accepted. Located in Paris center, France.


flag peru.png Amazonian Butterflies EIRL
We are a serious, reliable and reputable company. We are registered with the Ministry of Peru formally. Our merchandise is sold with export documents issued by the Ministry of Peru. We have all kinds of butterflies and insects wholesale and retail. We offer quality and fair prices. We have Paypal. Located in Lima, Peru. on facebook


flag usa.png BicbugsLLC
Bicbugs is a famous American supplier of tropical insects for collectors. Butterflies, beetles, moths and many other splendid insects. Shipping worldwide from the USA.


flag usa.png BioQuipBugs

With the collection originally established in 1964, the BioQuipBugs collection has grown to be the largest and most diverse insect specimen company in the world, offering 12,000+ species across ~3 million specimens. As this collection has been growing for the last six decades, contained within are many great specimens from countries that are nowadays virtually inaccessible such as North Korea, Brazil, India, Solomon Islands, etc. Not only does BioQuipBugs have an amazing selection of large tropical species in bulk for artists, collectors, and resellers, but it also is unique by being the ONLY company that offers a massive selection of insects of medical, veterinary, forensic, and agricultural importance, supplying specimens for training collections to teachers, universities, and government agencies.


flag uk.gif

We are a small team of natural history enthusiasts and we want to share our love of the natural world with you! We stock an ever-evolving catalog of unique entomological species including fine museum quality dry-preserved Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, and other Arthropods.  Including framed and unmounted entomology specimens.We welcome your emails and enquiries, reach out to us anytime. Thank you for supporting our shop!


flag usa.png Butterflies by God
Your US source for quality insect decorative products. Importers/suppliers of insect products from all over the world. Our products include high-quality decorative frames in black, cedar, double-glass. We also sell pendants, key chains, paper weights, bracelets, etc. We have butterflies, moths, beetles, grasshoppers, cicadas, lantern flies, stick bugs, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, etc. We have singles to collections to sweeping sets, M/f, swirls, fighting, etc. Method of Payment: Check (domestic only) and Credit card. Located in Maryland Heights, MO.


flag usa.png The Butterfly Company
REAL INSECT SPECIMENS FOR SALE. Dried Exotic butterflies! Moths! Beetles! Strange insects! Thousands shown in color! Superior quality papered specimens for collections, displays, photography, artwork. Accurate data. Spreading service available. Supplies: display cases, insect pins and more. Quantity discounts. Call Joseph Rudy: 773-225-9909. Located in Chicago, IL.


flag usa.png Collector's Secret
Collector's Secret filters the web to help collectors find rare insects at good price ! Insect auctions from the USA, the UK, Germany and France on the same page ! Used by hundreds of collectors everyday !


flag belgium.png Exotic-Insects
We are a supplier of dried butterflies and other insects from around the world specialized in specimens from the Indonesian region. Through our network of local contacts and years of experience in this region we can offer exciting species that you won't find anywhere else. Located in Lier, Belgium


flag france.gif Le Franc Curieux
French supplier of unmounted and mounted specimens. Colepotera, Lepidoptera and other orders. Specimens for collectors and creators. Extensive catalog with specimens from known collectors (Le Moult, Hlavek, Plason...), paratypus...
Worldwide shipping with tracking number. payment by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.
Regular site updates (announced in an email newsletter).


flag indonesia.png Giradys Indonesia
We sell the best quality of dried insect specimens, beetles, butterflies and birdwings with CITES permit. For retail and wholesale, many rare, freak, aberration and interesting species. Located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia


flag germany.png The Insect Collector
We specialise in rare and common butterflies from the Neotropical (Central/South America, Caribbean Islands) and Holarctic regions (North America, Europe, Asia). We also offer specimens from Afrotropical (Africa), Oriental (India, Thailand to Indonesia) and the Australian (Australia, New Guinea to Fiji) regions. We have many moths (including Sphingides and Saturnides) and some beetles and other insects/Arachnidae to offer. Located in Manching, Bavaria, Germany


flag vietnam.png InsectOnline 
We are a serious trader of insects from Vietnam. We supply mainly insects from Vietnam and maybe from other related countries in the future. Located in Hanoi, Vietnam


flag taiwan.png
Welcome to visit our web site! Many specimens and photos. Dried insects from Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Thailand, and all around the world. Especially Lucanidae, Cerambycidae, Cetoniidae, Dynastidae, Birdwings, Papilionidae, and more. Located in Chia Yi, Taiwan.


flag insect trade.png
We offer wide range of insects across all insect groups. Each species is accompanied by high quality photograph. Most of specimens are coming from our own expeditions or from personally trained catchers. Packing is made by trained workers and most of specimens are spread. For easy setting specimens are killed by amonium or ethyl acetate. Located in Prague, Czech Republic.


flag france.gif InsectsWorldShop - Chaminade Entomologie

Worldwide suplier of a large selection of unmounted insects and other Arthropoda. Top quality and full data. We sell to private collectors, scientists and artworkers. Shipping worldwide. Fast and secured delivery. Accepted payment types : Paypal, Bank transfer, Western Union, Personal check. Please visit our website and contact us for pictures, pricelists and other questions. Located in Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine, France


flag germany.png Interinsects
A1 INSECTS! Retail and Wholesale. Largest stock of insects in Europe. We sell magnificent top quality Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and other insects from Asia, Africa, South and Central America at reasonable prices to private collectors, universities, scientists and resellers. Many bestsellers as well as uncommonly offered species in stock. Please visit our website for pictures, pricelists and more. Located in Guetersloh, Germany.


flag peru.png Invertebrates Peru 
We are dedicated to the zoocría of lepidoptera and coleoptera with 0.00 km. of flight; unassembled, with authorization from SERFOR - Ministry of Agriculture of Peru; We offer to export specimens with corresponding legal permits by sending the products with international delivery service, all of them from the Peruvian jungle region with guaranteed quality. Visit our website to see photographs, prices and payment method.


flag belgium.png
Lepidopexchange is dedicated to the exchange and sale of lepidoptera, coleoptera, orthoptera and other insects. It contains a long list of different species which is daily updated. Located in Belgium.


flag usa.png The Little Caterpillar
The Little Caterpillar is a US supplier of butterflies and other insects with a focus on sustainability and butterfly conservation.  When you buy from Little Caterpillar you are doing your part to ensure a beautiful and diverse world.


flag canada.png Moth & Beetle
Supplier of high quality pins, spreading boards, nets, vials, glassine envelopes, and other entomological equipment. We have the largest selection of insect pins available! We continually seek out new and better sources for all products. Located in Ontario, Canada, we ship worldwide.


flag australia.png Oz Insects
Australia's largest supplier of the finest quality native insect specimens. Beetles, Butterflies, Moths, Stick Insects and more. Common and seldom offered species. We have all necessary export permits. As we collect and breed our own insects, our prices are very competitive. Check out our great photos of available specimens. Some livestock also available. Emails to Jack: Located in Queensland, Australia.
OZ insects shop


flag usa.png
Worldwide insects. A lot of butterflies and beetles from Europe, Asia, Africa, South, North and Central America. Papilionidae, Pieridae, Satyridae, Nymphalidae, Lycaenidae and many other butterflies. Brentidae, Buprestidae, Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae, Cicindelidae, Cleridae, Cucujidae, Curculionidae, Elateridae, Endomychidae, Erotylidae, Hydrophilidae, Lucanidae, Lycidae, Melandryidae, Meloidae, Passalidae, Scarabaeidae, Silphidae, Tenebrionidae, and many other beetles. E-bay store. Wide selection of payment types: PayPal, personal check, bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGramm. EXCHANGE WELCOME. Transnational company. Located in USA/Russia. Licensed.


flag peru.png Sachawild
A Peruvian neotropical insect e-shop. We have a serious and legal business here in Peru since 2016, in this way we care with not only CITES but the Peruvian´s protected insects that in many ways are not well known by the entomological global community


flag canada.png Thorne's Insect Shoppe LTD
One of the world's most established suppliers of dried insects. We supply unmounted and mounted specimens of butterflies, beetles and other insects to collectors and enthusiasts around the world. We are known for the legality and quality of specimens and fast, friendly service. We also offer an extensive wholesale (Quantity) list. Located in London, Ontario, Canada.


flag uk.gif World of Butterflies and Moths
The United Kingdom's premier online dried insect store with over thirty years experience. Supplying collectors, the art and crafts trade, film and media with the highest quality mounted and unmounted specimens. Fast reliable service, worldwide delivery. Large selection of unique British Lepidoptera. Buy with confidence; all stock from either antique collections, captive bred or sustainably sourced. Located in Lincolnshire, England


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